Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cardboard Man stole my Heart

New stuff at Pffiou! that you must have! Ever get tired of buying couple poses hoping one day who knows? Well it's time to take a stand ladies!

Introducing the Cardboard Man:

Cardboard Loving group poses, Pffiou!

Yup no more hoping for one day to share that poseball with someone girls, that Carboard Man will do the trick! Go singles!

Oh and it looks hot on pictures too:

Dresses left and right group gift, Katat0nik

The Cardboard Man is the answer to all our worries girls I tell ya!

On the left: Dancer Avatar 0l, Baiastice
On the right: Dress 0l, Sn@tch

Oh and if you are wondering about the other releases from Pffiou! you can check it out on the blog here!

Not free but mouth watering:
Skin Gauze
Hair Lamb
Shoes Maitreya