Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The (Imperial) Elegance of it all..

Like, wow. As if the Bunny Hop hunt wasn't enough, many more designers and creators are continuing to spoil us! Poses, skins, clothes -- oh my! My head is swimming!

First of all, the poses I'm using throughout this post are the April Profile Pick reward from Imperial Elegance! Just have good ol' IE in your picks and go to Little Miss Poser's (Sai Pennell) store tomorrow (April 2nd) and click the sign. Simple as that! Who doesn't love cute (and free!) poses?

Mimi & Rosemary of Cupcakes love their customers. To show their appreciation, they decide to have a cute, old fashioned Easter egg hunt! Just like my family's traditional Easter egg hunts, this one is also a chaotic screamfest (except people are screaming where the eggs are hidden and the chaos is because you're frantically looking for the goodies). Of course, it's all in good fun! Here are some of the fabulous freebies to be scored!

April Fool's hunt@Cupcakes
Skins from the Seduction line (not the group gift skins)

April Fool's hunt @ Cupcakes!
Cute tops and dresses :-D Skin is a freebie from the Free Speerit group!

April Fool's hunt @ Cupcakes
I made a funny! Gorgeous top, though!

April Fool's hunt @ Cupcakes
Lovely purple dress with TWO skirt options! Gotta love it.

And finally, Prism Haute Couture released their weekly dollarbie, this cute teal sequins dress! It's only a dollar and it's haute. Go grabz it!

@ Prism Haute Couture

Not free:
-Hair: Novocaine
-Shoes: Stiletto Moody