Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's SkinSane, I tells ya!

A few days ago, Lois Millgrove, the owner of SkinSane, let me know that her store had a dollarbie skin up for grabs (as well as a table o' dollarbies) and a sale where items are between 25 - 75% off! That's right...skins and clothes! I should've done this post earlier, but I had a wee emergency on Monday so I've been a little out of it. So forgive the lateness of this post!

The skin may not be *everyone's* cup of tea, but I think it's very cute and unique!

For a cute and unique look, pick up this $1L skin from SkinSane! The corset is available at SkinSane and is also $1L!

I got this top at Lois' store as well...only $14L! There's a dollarbie version of this top on her dollarbie table as well!

SkinSane! dos
Remember there's also a $1L version of this top!

I next popped over to I-Sense looking for some interesting decorations and landscaping stuff for my house. Owner Dyllan Grizot has generously put out a freebie box of goodies! A cute room divider, a retro lamp, an orange candle ($1L) and a hanging lamp, among other goodies for free at her store!

One side of the room divider and the cute orange candle!

The other side of the room divider and the retro lamp!

Very pretty ceiling lamp!

Not free:
*Hair: ::69::
*Jeans & boots: Truth
*Furniture: Mudhoney