Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My mood is Seldom Blue

Yay! I can finally catch a break and blog some of the awesome stuff that has been sitting in my inventory!

On the left: Chess dress subscribo gift, PixelDolls
On the right: Kyla dress subscribo gift, Toast

On the right: Stella Lingerie set only 50l now, Seldom Blue and Eternity Bride (back of the store in front of the entrance)
Cardboard man pose, Pffiou!

Sofa and Poof Midnight Mania (100 people), Belle Belle
Follow Morning Home Vase lucky chair, Wine and Roses

Not free but you know you want it:
Poses Murder Doll set Pffiou!
Skin Gauze
Shoes (except on Toast outfit which are part of the gift) Adam n Eve