Monday, April 20, 2009

Pffiou! - Exciting News!

My store Pffiou! finally has a new home and I totally love it!! I will not bore you with the new releases you can read it all here if you want. However there is a new dollarbie for the opening that you must grab! It's a 6 poses set called Standoffish and all the poses you see on that blogpost are part of it. The dollarbie section can be found under the stairs in the store's new location!! *dances with excitement*

Standoffish poses set 1l, Pffiou!

Left: Easter Dress subscribo welcome gift, Luxurious World
Center: Panda dress 25l, Katat0nik@Atomic
Right: Outfit camping 30 minutes, Luxurious World

Left: Anguilla swimsuit 1l (limited time), WigWamBam (Thanks Alicia!)
Center: Avery Yum! lingerie lucky chair, Reasonable Desires
Right: Avery Moo! group gift in store, Reasonable Desires

That's it for today! Enjoy folks! *bounces out*

Not free hotness:
Hair Inorite
Shoes Periquita