Sunday, August 2, 2009

Love in White

When you think of V-Fashion, you think of elegant, graceful and sophisticated dresses. VictoriaV McMillan doesn't make an exception for the free gifts she gives out, including the new August gift. It's white, lacey, satiny and gorgeous.

VFashions August gift
Classy in white.

'How can I get that really pretty dress?' you ask? Just pop over to V-Fashion and grab a Look Book from one of the kiosks. You can either wear it as a hud or drop it on the floor. Whatever you decide to do, open it and boom -- the dress is on the first page. There are two tabs: a yellow one that says 'buy' and a red one that says 'gift'. Touch the 'buy' tab. Soon, you'll get the dress dropped off on you. Simple as that! Enjoy your gift and don't forget to join V-Fashion's subscribo!

Fabulous, but not free:
-Hair: Shag
-Skin: Bebae

Poses used: *TorridWear*, Reel Expression