Friday, September 5, 2008

I love candy. <3

Candy Nail is having a hunt on their sim! You'll find 12 pieces of candy in the shape of a lollipop or hard candy. Some are pretty easy, but some require some camming in to tiny corners to be discovered. Here are some of the things you will find from this lovely little hunt.
Free in 1st Photo
Yellow Dress, tattoos, & earrings: Candy Nail Hunt

Free in 2nd Photo
Outfit, bangles, & tattoos: Candy Nail Hunt

Not Free
Skin: Curio; 1000L
Hair: Deviant Kitties at the 2008 Hair Fair; 200L (Up to September 7th! Hurry your butts and run down to the Hair Fair before it closes! And be sure to purchase a bandana as well; all money goes to charity, and it's for a wonderful cause that's close to my heart.)