Sunday, September 14, 2008


I've been feeling adventurous today so I went looking for cute places to take pictures in! If you have any suggestions do leave me a comment or a landmark in world :)

Anyway I can't believe I've been tons of time to Tuli's shop and never got the freebies there! Thank god the lovely Cen told me about them! You can get those two cute outfits for 0l at her shop in Le Zoo. They are on the right and left of the entrance.

Non free stuff:


Anonymous said...

Hi there, if you are looking for cute places to take pics you could try Bora Bora, Tempura, Botanical Gardens or Wanderstill. Personally i like the last one the best and usualy a bit quieter than the others, hope this helps.

Colt Habana

Anonymous said...

Thanks Colt! I'll check it out today :D