Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bunny hopping spamming, Part 1

So are you bunny hopping already? This hunt is full of goodies so you better get started! The SLURLs should take you to the place where I found the eggs. If you think the pics are too small, you can click on them & you should end up at my Flickr where you can pick a bigger size :) Grab a snack & enjoy the picture spamming!

Poses & basket, Attituede, #62
Dress, Hair & Shoes in the next pic :D

Pink bunny, bare rose #1 & Bettie Page posing stool, On the cover #15
Eve dress, Encemble, #48 & Priscilla hair, Hal*hina, #34
Akane hair, Yuzukamiya, #38 & Outfit, DYN, #46
Diapop bonjour shirt, faux bunny ears, Somapop, #52 + Dragon jeans, Kittenish, #57 (For better view of the boots & the necklace, stay tuned for the next pic!)
* Dress, Ibizarre, #56 & boots & scarfy, Leafy, #58

boots Studio M'z, #59 & hug bear, zenith, #54 & easter backpack, fifferling, #53

Ring, U&R, #65
Crossbag, TOP in SeraKorea, #10
Alebrije "Caralampio" avatar (comes with the sparkles), Greenies shop, #45
Bunny beads, Somapop #52

Until we meet again...
Outfit, Umi Usagi, #5