Friday, May 1, 2009

I have Elegance, Imperial Elegance even

Those awesome stuff keep piling up people it's incredible! Check it out! And yes that is my buttcrack in that picture on the right...

Dresses on the far left and right: Discovery hunt prizes, Angelwing
In the center right: Priincessee Satin dress ol, Modd.G
In the center left: Snake tattoo group gift, PeeBox (no kidding!)

Brutus from Pididdle changed the buid for her main store and to celebrate that she has hidden four boxes with awesome prizes in her store!

Dresses, hair and skin hunt prizes, Pididdle
Animated fan lucky chair gift, Digital Eyes

On the left: hunt gift in four tones, Pididdle
In the center: group gift, lessthanthree
On the right: 1l opening gift on the roof, Schism-phrenic
Eyes in all those pictures group gift, Tuli

Belle Belle is also participating in the Discovery hunt and the prize is this awesome BBQ set! It includes the grass, flowers, table, benches, BBQ, parasol, fence and basically anything you can see in this picture except the background which is my skybox :p

BBQ set Discovery hunt prize, Belle Belle
Toast in mouth (yeah you have to zoom for that one) lucky chair, Toast

By the way all those awesome poses used in this blogpost are part of the new poses set at Imperial Elegance called Style. As usual Sai also changed her profile picks poses so you can come and collect yours!

Picks rewards, Imperial Elegance

That's it for today folks!

Not free:
Skin in first picture Gauze
Shoes ETD
Hairs in first picture Truth


Sai Pennell said...

Laleeta-luff! You used mah poses! \o/ *snuggles you*

And, omg - I *need need need need* that BBQ set! :O

Anonymous said...

You know you do! It's awesome!