Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A big blob of tired pixels

I am soooooo sleepy it's crazy. I have to do this blogpost though, it's long overdue!

First something very dear to my heart, my talented friend Terri from Harmony Interiors made a new furniture set and guessed what she called it... The Laleeta set! I have been squealing like a little girl ever since she gave it to me! It's the first time someone named something after me in SL *gets all emo in this blogpost*

So anyway you can get the whole furniture set (everything in this picture and even more stuff I didn't show - sexy girl not included) for a mere 250 lindens! The cushions have 5 different poses and the bench has two and if you don't want to buy the whole set you can always get those awesome Twilight posters for free!

Twilight posters from Laleeta furniture set 0l, Harmony Interiors
Complete Laleeta furniture set 250l, Harmony Interiors

Almost Diamonds dress DSN, Rara Avis
Tiny Bunny Avatar (male and female) DSN, Locos Pocos
Sayuri 2 hair subscribo gift, Waffles! (Thanks Elo for letting me know, mi amor! <3)
Azteca Tattoo DSN, Otaku Designs
Necklace, bracelet, button eyes DSN, Kunstkammer

Prince and Princess Neko lucky board, Belle Belle

Speaking of Belle Belle, I was lucky enough to receive a copy of one of their latest release, the laundry set. It costs 490L$ but it's worth it, especially when you see all the things you can do with it... (oh yeah Ali I so did that!)

Laundry set 490L$, Belle Belle

Oh and I don't have a clever parting line for this blogpost so I will just say: Adieu!

Not Free:
Skin Gauze
Shoes Maitreya
Poses Pffiou!


Anonymous said...

The rara avis dress doesn't appear to be in the shop, any hints where it might be located?

Laleeta Xue said...

Hello Anon! Actually I received the dress through the DSN that I explained in this blogpost (http://bakingcupcakes.blogspot.com/2009/05/insert-clever-title-here.html).

If you subscribe and be patient you will receive yours very soon too! Until then you can always go and shop at the store if you like the dress :)

Alicia Chenaux said...


LMAO!! Thanks for the linkage, Lala. :)

Nineveh Teskat (Rara Avis designer) said...

Anonymous, the dress in that color was exclusive to the members of the Fashion Bloggers group, however I will be releasing it in other colors later this week. (I'm still working on the variants! :) Check back this weekend, it will definitely be available by then.

Laleeta Xue said...

Oh oops. Did I confuse my boxes and this dress is not in the DSN then Nineveh :O ?