Friday, May 1, 2009

Lazy blogging

I haven't been able to get in world much this week, so excuse this lazy post :D
Tuli has changed the prize of two of her skins (1 Natalie & 1 Elizabeth) to 1L at her location at Tropical Escape. She also spoiled her group members this week with 3 pairs of eyes :D (blue, green and brown) My yellow shoes are a limited dollarbie from Duh, the red wedges are in the lucky chair. Both have the option to wear the ankle straps or not, so you can choose! The buckle also comes in two colors, silver & gold. Don't you just love all the options? :D

Lazy blogging
Skins, 1L each, Tuli
Eyes, Group gift, Tuli (250L joining fee)
Yellow croc sandals, 1L, Duh
Red croc sandals, lucky chair, Duh

See yuh!