Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashbacks of a Night

Yeah a certain night where I stumbled upon a store and found those hairstyles for free until the 31st of May... *chuckles softly to herself*

Julie hair in 2 styles and 4 colors 0l, UncleWeb
Malibu skin lucky chair, !Doux Petit Dahl
Golden eyes (sings: "no time for sweetness") 0l, Poetic Colors (back of the store to the right)

Malibu pink dress and jewelry Midnight Mania, !Doux Petit Dahl

Evangeline Miles from Evie's Closet, one of my favorite stores in SL, put a lucky cupcake dip into her store. You can get some awesome prices such as dresses and hairpins, including those two awesome tee-shirts. The Stud Muffin one always makes me giggle.

Evie also reduced the prices on some of her older designs such as the one I am wearing on the far right *drools all over her new dress*

Tee-shirts left and middle lucky dip, Evie's Closet
Gown 400l, Evie's Closet

And last but not least the awesome Sai Penell from Imperial Elegance is having a sale on her poses!

I ran there and bought two packs of 12 poses for 250 lindens!!! The poses are the ones you can see me use in those pictures. So what are you waiting for? Run to Imperial Elegance!

And now I shall leave you to play a bit of Kingdom Heart 2 because my damn friend Damien made me think about it on plurk!

Not Free:
Shoes ETD
Poses Imperial Elegance (50% off Sale)


Lialynn said...

Ooo The stud muffin one is perfect for Lukas LMAO :D

Laleeta Xue said...

Go get him to dive for it!