Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Doing it Pumpkin Style - Slightly less Fail

So after my previous attempt at trying to imitate fellow blogger Asthenia's style and failing at it I thought it was only fair for Pumpkin to get some love too!

What I like about Pumpkin is that she really takes the time to appreciate and thank the designers for the great gifts they give, something I should definitely do more often!

Now if there is someone I want to thank and give love to it's the wonderful Khea Karas from Malt. I always squeal whenever she releases something new. If you want to show your love for Khea as well then head down to the new sim Fusion Crossing, as an opening present this gorgeous outfit is only 150 lindens. Definitely something you want to grab before it goes back to its regular price!

Only 150l for this baby? You know you want to grab it!

And while on the subject of awesome designers of course I have to mention Tuli! To celebrate the launching of her new skinline, Faith, this very generous lady sent her group members the skin in a special makeup and in three tones! The group is 250l to join but Tuli sends out beautiful gifts very often so those 250l will be well spent.

Gorgeous group gift from Tuli

We are not even done yet folks! Brutus Martinek from Pididdle sent yet another gift to her subscribo, this fabulous little top! I love the small details in the brooch and it definitely looks good on my boob don't you agree?

Do my boobs look bigger in this cardigan? 

Wondering about those gloves in that picture above? They are the new subscribo gift from the ever generous PixelDolls. It's a set of three lace collars and gloves in different colors. Definitely something to wear in front of your man. With nothing else on.

Rawwrlicious gloves and collars from PixelDolls!

And that's all for now! Next time I will bore you guys again with my own "style", unless I find yet another friend to torture in copying theirs!

Not free:
-Poses VPoses
-Shoes Periquita
-Hair ETD


Asthenia said...

*feels kinda sad cuz she is fail*
On another note.... HELLO BEWBS

Laleeta Xue said...

I was fail not you :O !
*takes small white hearts off for you*

Pumpkin Saenz said...

*luffs on her little crepe, Lala*


You look gorgeous, as always, my other French lover (Kahei being my first...lol)

Laleeta Xue said...


Kahei is always stealing mah lovahs from me!