Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some jewelry, a dress and shoes -- oh my!

CKS Designs sent out a really cute item from it's subscribo group: the essential t-shirt dress (in teal)! They sell the dress in 21 other colors for $145L a pop or $250L for a three pack color set. Of course, if you have your heart set out on the teal, just smack the subscribo and hit the 'history' button and it'll be there.

Otaku Designs is celebrating hitting the 650 member mark on it's SOM service by sending out these awesome items - a princess lipring and necklace! The lipring comes in mouth/chin/nose attachments and the necklace comes in spine/chest attachments, so you're well covered. Be forewarned, however, the gifts that Lola sends to her subscribo members can only be retrieved if you were already a member...i.e. if you subscribe today, you won't get it. The only way to be on top of her gifts are to join her SOM and stay in it. She gives great treats out pretty regularly, so it's worth staying in it.

Subscribo gifts ahoy!
I feel pretty...oh so pretty...

Speaking of SOM services, recently, *G Field* sent out a wonderful group gift...some awesome brown Mary Jane-style shoes! They're well crafted and absolutely lovely! If you're not a member of her SOM, just go to the store and register, then hit the SOM board and go into the history. While you're at the store, be sure to snag the freebies by the tree in the middle of the store!

Sweet gifts from *G Field*

Not Free:
-Hair (pic#1): Truth - 'Pumpkin'
-Skin (both pics): RockBerry - 'Uma'
-Tattoo (pic#2): Otaku Designs - Sugar Skulls & Roses

Poses Used:
-Pretzel Poses, The Black Canary