Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm already cursed

Years ago, when I was younger...

Not only did Norway win the Eurovision song contest last night, they also celebrate their Independance day today! And everyone can join the celebrations, because Ivalde has put out a lovely brown dress for free!

I'm in love with a fairytale, even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I loose my mind
I'm already cursed

BC - I'm already cursed
Dress, 0L, Celebration gift from L'abel & Ivalde
Skin, 0L, previously blogged

Makayla hair in Java from Truth, Tuli Pumps from Shiny Things.
Poses from Chikka (left) and Analu (right)

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.


Laleeta Xue said...

Wow. I dunno about the other contestants but I definitely love this song :D

Asthenia said...

Don't tell me you didnt pay attention to the eurovision contest? :O

Laleeta Xue said...

I am telling you now :p