Friday, May 22, 2009

I <3 Candy!

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I am aching all over from working on my family's house yesterday and I have to go back for more in a few. Before I do so however I have some things to share with you all.
I especially love the potty mouth shirt as it makes me think of my friend Tristan! 

Cookies Monster hoodie lucky chair, Intrigue Co.
Potty Mouth shirt lucky chair, Intrigue Co.
Bella Corset subscribo gift, PixelDolls

Warning slightly NSFW picture coming up but I covered the nips I swear! Those gifts Perfect Prefabs sent via the Designers Showcase Network were so gorgeous I just wanted to loll around them like a topless vixen!

In the Woods and Waterfall DSN, Perfect Prefabs

Watches DSN, Iced
Amy dress DSN, Elate
Skeleton hat 0L$, XD Fusion
Candy necklace 20L$, ~[HT]~ 
Rose ring DSN, Elate
Skull nose-bridge piercing DSN, Omnik

And that's it! Now I really should get my little butt back to the housework or you know my family will get my hide...

Not Free:
Hairs Novocaine
Skin Gauze
Poses Pffiou!


kat said...

the pictures look amazing, laleeta. thank you for pimping out intrigue co. <3