Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pumpkin loves getting spoiled.

Everyone knows how much I love skins. I love buying skins. I love getting free skins as group gifts. One of my favorite groups is Tuli. Skin Baroness Tuli Asturias always gives her groupies gorgeous gifts. Today, she dropped off the preview to her newest line, Hope, on us. In five tones. My heart leapt and I began giggling like a madwoman as I unpacked my new treasure. There are two things I love most about this new line: 1.) The lips. They are to die for and 2.) The eyebrow options. How many skins do you know of offer red eyebrows? Tuli didn't disappoint with the newness. Wins all around. Want in on the action? Join her in-world group for the goodness. It's not free, there's a $250L fee to join but trust me...it's well worth it.

Tuli group gift - Hope
Lovely skins as a gift? Score!

Speaking of skins, I got in touch with my inner stalker on Sunday and did my dance so that the Lucky Chair Gods at Atomic would smile upon me. They didn't. They made me work for it. After a few hours of watching the lucky chair spit out the same letters (primarily G's, N's, D's, I's, C's and R's), I TP'd my friend Nikki to relieve the chair of yet another N and proceeded to complain bitterly in IMs about the lack of respect it was showing the letter P when in the middle of my bitching...a P popped up. I dropped my happy booty on the chair and scooped up my skin prize. Earlier in the day, I had won a cool top on the second lucky chair at the store...but I wanted the skin, dang it!

Atomic skin.
Be patient and have lots of friends whose names start with an 'N'!

A few days ago, I hit the subscribo at [ Cynful ], which is CnS E-Motion (poses) cutie Cynthia Ultsch's new venture, and scored the cute sheer top shown on the left below.

Top o' the mornin'!
L to R: Sheer top from [ Cynful ], top from Atomic.

The jeans in the picture aren't free, however, they are on sale. Zaara's is having a wonderful 50% off sale until June 1st! Hers is one of my favorite stores and this sale is absolutely fabulous. There are added bonuses, of course:
1.) She does have freebies at her store. I previously blogged them here. Please forgive the craptacular pictures. :)
2.) You may be lucky enough to catch the Bollywood version of "Thunder From Down Under" like I did.

The Full Monty - Bollywood style! Pt.3
Sorry. I just had to do it.

And finally...Blacklace and Alphamale have also released gifts to men and women who join their subscribo! For the ladies is a really nice lingerie set. For the guys, a polo shirt and pants. Sweet.

Blacklace subscribo gift.
Sexy lingerie! Ooh la la!

For the boys.
Can't forget the gents!

Not free:
Hair: (pics # 1-3, 5) Kin
Boots: Maitreya
Pumps: Stiletto Moody
Jeans: (pic#3) Zaara

Poses used: The Black Canary, Imperial Elegance, Pretzel Poses, TorridWear