Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Day After

Woohoo! I am back from that awesome pool/BBQ party and it was awesome!!! Totally hungover and sunburned but worth it!

On the goodies side here is what I came back to today. The pants I am wearing are the new group gift for Modd.G, people have to wear their group tag and pay the board in store 1l to get it.

The socks are a freebies from Roseo that contains 8 different colors. It's in the small mushroom on the second floor, the LM should get you right to it. Take the time to explore the sim, it's gorgeous!

Oh and the hairs featured in this blogpost are all gifts from the Inorite subscribo. Violet sent most of her current hairstyles in purple to the subscribers in occasion of the "Paint SL Purple Day"!

Shirts came with 300L$ gift card they had in store for free, Aitui
Pants 1l group gift, Modd.G
Socks 0l, Roseo
Necklace DSN, Sable Rose
Hair subscribo gift, Inorite

Gown DSN, L&S
Hair subscribo gift, Inorite
Necklace DSN, Sable Rose

And that's it for now! Hope you enjoy!

Not free but you know you drool over it:
Poses VPoses
Skin Gauze
Shoes ETD


Rosie Barthelmess said...

Thank you thank you thank you for wearing my necklace and being so kind to include it in your pictures. <3 -Rosie