Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh gawd, I can't make up a title again *sigh* Lot's of stuff, plz look!

*hugs the dust bunnies* Ohai thar! I have lots of pictures so lets get started!!!

First I have some party dresses and crazy hair.

Little black dress, 0L, Bliss Couture
Fantasy pumps, Lucky board, AV Vlodovic
Fantasy silver dress, 1L, AV Vlodovic
Hair, 0L Foam!

Eldee has a dress in 3 different colors for free at their location on the poly jean sim.
Amyna dress in blue, black and pink, 0L each, Eldee

More fancy dresses from sugarcube and Top2Toe (rawrrrrrrr)
Chopsticks holder dress, 0L, Sugarcube
Leopard gown, 1L, Top2Toe
Snow leopard gown, 1L, Top2Toe

Show some skin (from Chez Oleandra) with the army tramp tops from Tyranny designs.
Passion fruit skin, 10L, Chez Oleandra
Berry Spill skin, 10L, Chez Oleandra
Pretty in peach, 10L, Chez Oleandra
Army tramp tops, 1L for 6 colors, Tyranny designs

Some casual tops...
St. Pepper cropped jacket in Poppy and Valentino, subscribo joining gift, Whippet and buck
Jersey, 0L, Hotch potch

And more free Tuli skins! Just the face, but we all know Tuli makes a good body and does good butt.
Kalista base skins, 0L, Tuli

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.


Lily said...

Thank you for taking time to show us all these wonderful things to be found in Second Life