Friday, May 29, 2009

Birds in the sky, you know how I feel

Sooooo. My bag is finally done for the week-end but my brain feels like a big pile of goo! And since I have been waiting and waiting to do a blogpost of course I have tons of stuff to show... So here goes!

Skin in all pictures group gift, Cupcakes
On the left two dresses group gift, Cupcakes
On the right dress DSN, Adored
Pet shoulder DSN, Bubu

On the left outfit DSN, Store With No Name
Black dress DSN, Sysy's
Pajamas 1l, kAwAii

Tantric Lovin' lucky board, Belle Belle

Fountain subscribo gift, Beloved

On the left DSN, Smiling Cat
In the middle DSN, VillageStore
On the right DSN, Greene Concept

There you go folks! Hopefully you all have a good week-end and I hope I won't come back with sunburns! Oh and by the way this has been haunting me so here you go!

Not Free:
Shoes J's
Hair Truth