Friday, June 27, 2008

The Cupcakers - A Brigade Of Freebie Hunters

Hey everyone, and this is Cailin Navarathna. You may know me, you may not, but that doesn't matter. What matters is what this blog is all about: freebies! Calista, Laleeta and I have teamed together to keep you informed on three completely different styles of freebies. I hope you enjoy this blog, and if you have any suggestions, comment us, or im in world. :] Now on with the first finds of the day!
So this adorable ensemble is from a place that made me run around like a crazy person when I had first arrived: The Gnubie Store. Its filled with some gems, but its also filled with things are that aren't - im sure you will love the things there enough to shuffle through all the goodies. This outfit is from the third floor of the store in Random's section, and its called High-n-Waisted, (I know, I think its funny too.) for a total of 1L. For the men out there, Random has some freebies up for you two, so don't think you are getting singled out.

Now for a more silly picture. (I know - I look cross-eyed.) This is another wonderful find at The Gnubie Store, and its also 1L - very classy! This mini top hat you can find at Perturb/Ation in two other colors as well. This antique wrap necklace was found Bonita's Jewelry, but they may not have it there anymore. I know that they still have an antique wrap bracelet however, and its just as cute. Definitley worth the visit!

Now venturing in to things more casual, this top can be found at the Le Zoo section of The Gnubie Store. I highly reccomend while you are at it, head over the the Le Zoo main store - things there are crazy cheap, and super cute too. These shorts I discovered searching through the many stores at SakuraMall. These shorts are at Escape. Just below this store is Eco, which has some cute free hair that you should check out too.

This summery dress can be found at Blanc for a total of Zero Linden! The earring can be dug up at Talisman on the huge wall of freebies, and this adorable bracelet is to be picked up at Kumamoto Japan.

Hair I am wearing: FrangiPangi for 1L

First Outfit

Shirt and Shorts: The Gnubie Store

Second Outfit

Dress: The Gnubie Store

Hat: Perturb/Ation

Third Outfit

Shorts: SakuraMall

Tank Top: The Gnubie Store

Necklace: Bonita's Jewelry

Fourth Outift

Earring: Talisman

Bracelet: Kumamoto Japan

Dress: Blanc