Sunday, June 29, 2008

OMG Hair

Yes, i realized that I put the word hair where shoes should have been. But since this post was dedicated to that very thing I thought I could edit a little bit.

This fabulous hair is from AOHARU is a group gift and can be found in notices. Just search up their name under groups and join. The outfit i'm wearing is another group gift from Cupcakes, and can also be found under notices. If you are a current member, then you will have no problem, but if you aren't there is an enrollment fee of 250 linden. It is definitely a good investment however, because she is being very generous with the gifties. ^^ The skin is also another group gift from Cupcakes.

This hair is free instore from AOHARU as well. Both styles only come in blonde, (im usually not the blonde type of girl,) but for this style I will be lenient considering I love it. The outfit isn't free but still super cheap. The shorts actually come as a mini skirt for 50 Linden at Gigi Couture, but I used it as shorts. The shirt is 50 linden as well if I can remember correctly, and can be found at Tres Blah. Go get your hair now, girls!