Sunday, June 29, 2008

In the early morning....I freebie hunt!

I found these two really nice outfits at Damiani Fashion Design, you know I can never really remember if things are 1L or for free after I'm done grabbin things up and go sorting through my inventory, so bear with me :p lol. It is after all only 6 am where I live atm.anyway they're right in the middle when you first enter so you can't miss em, included amongst these two are a bunch of other freebies, some dresses, lingerie, ect. If you do get these outfits however I should warn you, the prim belt they come with are very blingy and it's better if you just go without it, we don't like bling, no. lol or at least be nice enough to throw us some sunglasses beforehand :p!
I found the hair shown above at Apple Pop it only comes in the one color in several different sizes, but it is so cute, and modifiable so if you've got hair textures you can change it to whetever you'd like :)
The skin here is from Frick and is totally free, along with a bunch of others so if you're looking for some I suggest you get your butts down there because who knows how long they'll stay that way, they are more fantasy ish type skins though, the one I'm wearing above is the Tan Flourish purple shadow and it's a fairy skin, it is really really pretty.

everything here is all 0-1L I just forget...which is which lol..

Non Free stuff:
Skin in 1st pic : S5 Tan Diva 3 from Tuli
Hair in 2nd pic: Angel II from Armidi (There was no LM in any of my boxes! But I trust you're all familiar with the store lol :p)