Sunday, June 29, 2008

She wore an Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny..

Well its not polka dotted, but they are still two more free (and lovely) bikinis from Cherry Girl for us to hang out at the beach in.
In this picture, i'm wearing hair and a tiara from WAKA & Yuki, and they are both free. The earrings I have blogged about in the previous post, and they are from Goergiabean Lately, along with 12 other pieces of free jewelry. I am not too sure how long they will be out, so get them while you can at Coco Boulevard!

This hair is also free from WAKA & Yuki, and this bikini is from Cherry Girl as well. The hair comes with the hat attached.

Don't you love that sign? It's from *Kitto* for free. The simple yet very nicely detailed shorts and hat (without hair) I found at *Jetcity Shop*. The hat comes in a female style and a male style. In the picture I am wearing the male version, because the other didn't fit my big ole head. ^^ This adorable sailor style shirt can be found at The Gnubie Store which I have blogged about numerous times already. The necklace is also from the generous GoergiaBean Lately freebie box at the front of the store.

First Outfit
Bikini: Cherry Girl
Hair: WAKA & Yuki
Earrings: GoergiaBean Lately
Tiara: WAKA & Yuki

Second Outfit
Cap & Hair: WAKA & Yuki
Bikini: Cherry Girl

Third Outfit
Shorts: *Jetcity Shop*
Shirt: The Gnubie Store
Necklace: GoergiaBean Lately
Hat: *Jetcity Shop*
Sign: *Kitto*