Saturday, June 28, 2008

Surfline And Some Other Goodies

The Surfline freebie is now out and yours for the taking!
The hair I am wearing was made by our very own Calista which you can get at her store
Flair for 75L. The cute bangles are from Talisman that I blogged about in the previous post. I love the dress though - I was tempted to buy all of the other dresses as well, but i'm broke as of now. ^^

This very summery thang is by Rily, which you can get by camping at various areas around the mall. Another adorable dress made by Rily that you can get for camping just 15 minutes is this:

This dress can be found here. I just love the color combinations. There are plenty more freebies hidden around this mall, so if you are an avid fashion hunter like me, then you will have no problem finding some on your own. Think of it as a treasure hunt. :] Here is another free dress on display in the front of Rily's store.

Go get your hands on them, girls!
First Outfit
Dress: Surfline
Bangles: Talisman
Hair: Flair
Second Outfit
Dress: Rily
Third Outfit:
Dress: here.
Fourth Outfit:
Dress: Rily