Saturday, June 28, 2008

PixelDolls Group gifties

For some reason my pixeldolls subscription was lost in cyberspace, lol So I went back down to the store to resubscribe, I remember that they always gave out really nice group gifts, so if you're interested, just run down to the main store and click on any of the signs, there are a bunch everywhere so ya can't miss em!

There's a box under history #8 with a LOT of super nice freebies! The HalterMini is sooo cute! I would totally wear this just running around, although I wasn't a huge fan of the boots which looked a bit like they were made of wood to me.

The bikini's from Pixeldolls are my favorite thing, just like from anywhere else lol, I have a whole collection of bikinis! The orange one below comes with an optional purple top and the textures are gorgeous! you'd really have to see for yourself. But since orange really isn't my color I'll probably go buy it in pink or blue lol.

This purple one I'll definitely wear to the beach, it's totally my style and totally cute, it looks all slick n shiny and again the textures are great.

I also found this skin (in a lot of skin tones) deep down at the bottom of the box. The features are really beautiful, although with my particular shape the lips look huge! lol It's a really nice skin, and if I weren't so happy with my Tuli skin I might go grab it and change up my shape.
yes in case you haven't noticed I have oddball eyes lol:p

Not Free:
Hair in 1st pic : Cathy in Platinum from Wonderhair
Hair in 2nd & 3rd pics: Celia in Platinum from ETD
Hair in 4th pic: Sophie in Platinum from Maitreya
Skin in first 3 pics: S5 Tan~Diva 2 from Tuli