Monday, June 30, 2008

Random Giftie!

This super cute baby doll top is a freebie gift from the subcsribe-o-matic at the store Random. /me gets on her knees and hails Garbage Prototype. Thanks so much for the cute top. ^^ Once you get there, look in the history and it should be the latest one, June 30th. In that message you should get a HUD that you wear. Once it appears in the corner of your screen, click on the clothes that pop up, and BINGO! You get your shirt. Very creative way, kudos to you Garbage. The Subscribomatics are in the front of the store, by the entrances.


Ameretat Skytower said...

I searched "cute top" hoping to find an idea to make a new shirt in SL... this was one of the hits! Just thought it was funny, and decided to share :)

Anonymous said...

He he totally, thanks for sharing Ameretat :D