Monday, June 30, 2008

Gorgeous Freebies <3

I was soooo excited when I heard about these freebies off of Laleeta's post, so once I had the time, I ran down there to grab em up, and omg...The quality on these clothes are absolutely fantastic!The pics below are completely unedited (besides cropping and pasting them together) so you can click on the pictures and see just how wonderful they are, the skirt is amazing, I am in awe, and you can bet I'll be going back soon. The legwarmer boots are sooo cute as well and come in tons of yummy colors, not to mention the pretty eyes with the bitty hearts in them, come on click the picture you know you wanna!
The boots pictured in the bottom pic, I know were blogged in a certain freebie blog, but they were not the focus of the picture and were even cut off by like half! So I grabbed them and they really deserve there own space so here they are :)

lol, okay you're about ready to know where all this stuff came from right? It can't really be free? Well it is! The skirt, legwarmers, and boots came from Katat0nik and are ALL free! well some may be dollarbies I'm not sure, but so worth it, I mean that skirt, wow, just wow. The pretty gun tee and heart eyes came from [Bingo], they totally completed the outfit, and this is one I know I'm gonna love forever!

Non Free stuff:
Hair from Frangipani
Skin from Tuli
gloves from Bare Rose


Aisuru Rieko said...

LOVE THAT STORE and proud to count Katat0nik as a friend. she's a really special creator and hand-draws so much of her stuff (like those cute butterflies on the skirt). really awesome stuff she has.

Anonymous said...

Btw that was the skirt I was wearing the time that guy hit on me and told me my skirt was short :p