Saturday, June 28, 2008

It’s all Greek to me!

Well I warned you I like strange outfits! Every week Freda from Freda’s Fine Fashion releases original traditional clothing and this week it’s a Greek one.




Head on over to her store to get yours, it’s down the stairs in the room to your right.


Serenity Galli down at Serendipity is giving away this cute outfit, two pair of stilettos, a ring , a necklace and much more if you look around her shop!




You can buy this very pretty lace outfit for only 10l at MB Designs and the boots are a very nice freebie from K&K fine quality mein! I always have trouble with boots but those one fit me perfectly!




This outfit is the week’s freebie from the very talented Jadee Pera. You can’t see it there but the design on the skirt is actually moving. It can be found on the second floor of her store.




In case you haven’t been there already Analise is a very beautiful shop with lots of silk and Arabian Nights outfits. This pretty outfit is a freebie you can find at the entrance of the shop and comes also in white.




Last but not least Nirmanakaya Yalinis is having a hunt in celebration of his rez day. It will last the whole week-end and you can pick up really nice things like the bangles, outfit and necklace I’m wearing on this picture. There are a total of 16 items scattered across the sim from his store and Freyr Blades’ store so head on there and leave with your loot!




I only found 14 so if you find them all give me a shout!


I’m heading back to this jungle we call fashion, see you soon!