Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting ready for 4th of July

This is My first post! Cailin probably broke the blogs virginity, but here I am now lol. My name's Calista Janick, you probably got here from reading my blog, or not :p who knows, but you're here now! Laleeta Cailin and I all have different styles, it's totally obvious, my style leans more towards Casual, classy casual and I don't wear dresses very often unless it's for a formal event or like I said a classy sexy thing ;)

I'm a southern girl, so for me 4th of July is a BIG thing, we get together, barbecue and have a lot of fun, so I decided to go out and find some 4th of July Freebies :)

(You can click on the pictures for a bigger image)

The first store I came across is The Cute Institute and I did find some cute pants, with little ruffles on the cuffs of the legs, they're a dollarbie and perfect for loungin about. I also ran into this adorable cupcake tower! It was 100L but since cupcakes are like our trademark I had to get it!

If you're looking for something a bit more classy and extravagant, I found this beauty at
Lemania Indigo Designs It's big! and it lets off small particles, it's very 4th of July-ish and it's really really pretty. Also just 1L :)

And for going to SLeek, because that is the greatest beach ever! ;) I found this super cute bikini at Prim and Pixel Paradise, it comes in 34 pieces! and includes the bikini in several layers, a belly chain, choker, bracelets, hat, earrings, sandals, and a bunch of matching things ALL for just 1L! It's a really great set and you can't beat the price

That's it for my first post :) I know it's early but I hope I get to see some SL fireworks! lol.


Josephine said...

hey! now I get the whole cupcaker thing, I think, LOL. I'll be bookmarking this blog to read too! I wanted to say, theres another cute cupccake and even a cupcake costume at a store called YumYum and it's on the Isle of Tranquility sim.

-Aisuru Rieko

Calista Janick said...

oooh TYSM! lol I was wonderin who Josephine was...and I really couldn't figure it out :p (I just woke up!) and didn't read you sign Aisuru at the bottom heheh! See how much i pay attention lmao