Monday, June 30, 2008

So Many Dresses..

Have you noticed that the majority of the stuff that I post are dresses? Calista pointed that out to me. ^^ Not that I mind, they are all gorgeous. No dilly dally, lets move on. (Yeah, I just said that.)

This absolutely beautiful dress is from *Sisters* for one linden, but its definitely worth more. Im not sure when I would be able to wear it because I am always wearing jeans, but the first chance I get i'm going to pull it out of the closet and strut around in it like nobody's business. The hair is from Calista's store Flair for 75 linden, and worth it too. Don't be surprised if you see one of us at the studio there taking pictures or acting stupid, come and say hello. :] There is also a free cupcake bikini there as well.Now for another pretty little dress that i'm not sure when I will actually wear. The stockings are cute as well, with bows going down each outer side of the leg. It racks up to one linden, and the store is Kuri Style.Now on the more casual side is the adorable dollarbie shirt, jeans, and arm warmers. The shirt can be taken as your own at [ Bingo ] along with plenty of other dollarbies such as t-shirts, a cute ducky and dresses. The jeans and arm warmers are from Pow Candy, along with plenty of other dollarbies there too. Now onto the shoes!

There was another pair of shoes there that were nicely done, but they weren't my style. And like Calista said, we stick to our style and we give you something that we would actually wear in SL. At :::LiNe::: you will find three free pairs of shoes and a free tank top as well if you join their group and keep the tag active.

Hair: Flair

First Outfit

Dress: *Sisters*

Second Outfit

Dress: Kuri Style

Third Outfit

T-shirt: [ Bingo ]

Jeans: Pow Candy

Arm Warmers: Pow Candy

Shoes: :::LiNe:::