Monday, June 30, 2008

Hubba! Hubba!

Can I say oooh baby?! Today was filled with nice finds for me!

First of the hair I'm wearing in all these pictures is a freebie from Maitreya, if you haven't got it yet run to the store as it is a limited offer. It's a fat pack so lots of different colors too!

I told you about my bangles in this post, my necklace is my long time favorite from this post, the green shoes are the one Cailin blogged about and the blue ones come with an outfit from Sweeter Than Candy that Calista told you about here

So for our first outfit we have a very nice ensemble of tee, rolled up pants and socks from 1/4 Life Crisis. I really like the cute yet "I don't give a damn" look of this outfit. It's the first thing you'll see when you walk in.

This outfit is actually a mix of two freebies. The tee is from Kunglers and the jean is from Rasetsukoku. If you've never been to Rasetsukoku check it out, the store is in a kind of dungeon I loved it :] ! To find the tee look to the right of the podium in the middle of the store and the pant is right at the entrance once you go down the stairs.

This outfit is one of the best freebie I ever found! It's a four different colors fat pack from Rock Me Amadeus and costs 0l. It's on the wall to your left when you enter the store.

This very cute outfit can be found in the freebies section of Silk Dream Wet Dream among other things. The freebie section is down the stairs to your right when you enter the store. And I know the name of that shop does sound kinky :p

My fav outfit of the day I think! Dunno if it was meant to be worn by a guy or a girl but I just love it! It's from !mpossible you can find it just on your left when you enter the store for the sum of 1l.

One of my favourite store, Katat0nik, is giving away this outfit in six different colors. There you can also find a beautiful pair of leg warmers boots in seven different colors. Just make your way to the stairs in the middle of the shop and you should find them!

To conclude I would like to share with you the funniest find I had today. It's from Aqua, I'm not sure I'm gonna wear it anytime soon but it sure put a smile on my face! There are however some really nice dollarbies over there so be sure to check them out! Just head to the back of the store and to the left to find them!

Time to dive back in this crazy world! Until next time then!