Friday, June 27, 2008

The Third Cupcaker

Welcome to our blog! I’m the last one to post, the three of us are the Cupcakers! My name is Laleeta, I’m more into weird, sexy and unsual outfits!

For my first post I wanted to show you the work of my favourite designer in SL, her name is Mouse Mimistrobell and she makes jewelry. Just to show you how good she is here is a pick at her Bone & Silver Cross Necklace.

If you head on over to her store there is a nice dollarbie box with two bracelets, belts and a necklace:

The belts come in four different colors.

Now let’s zoom out a bit so I can show you my whole outfit. The shorts and top are an outfit you can win at the lucky chair in LD couture. There are five chairs going from 2 minutes to 5 so the odds are on your sides!

The shoes and earrings are freebies from SF design. If you go to the shop there is a whole section of freebies on a platform, be careful though two outfits for 30L found their way among them. The hairs are from ETD freebies’ wall.

So let’s sum it up, to get this outfit you’ll have to spend:

1l for the dollarbie box of jewels from Mouse’s shop

1l for ETD’s hair

And that’s it, 2l for a whole outfit. Worth it, isn’t it?

I'm Laleeta reporting from Cupcakes Central, over and out!