Monday, June 30, 2008

Is This the Week of the Dresses?

Not that i'm complaining or anything, but I am going to break this post down in to two parts because I have many things to share with you today. (Three quarters of which are dresses.) Let's get down to business!

This adorable dress is zero linden and can be found here. It was a gift from [ Bingo ] for SL's fifth birthday. Its beautifully made, and the details on the belt are absolutely flawless. The hair I am wearing is from AOHARU and its completely free. I am also wearing a nose ring that comes with beauty marks for one linden that can be picked up at Soulfire. At Soulfire you can also find many hair accessories, such as a geisha hair fan.

This simply elegant dress I discovered at Soulfire and can be found in three different colors. You may not notice it from the picture, but the dress as a ruched texture it, which makes it all the more pretty. My hair is from WAKA & Yuki.

This brightly colored dress is made by Raeva's and is on their new second floor, which is dedicated to soley freebies. They have some other cute dresses, but they weren't much my style. This one was calling my name however, so I scooped it up quickly. ^^

And this mint number is from Elate! and comes in three different colors if I remember correctly. The cute little top hat is also from Elate!. In the freebie box with the dresses are also three different pairs of PJ shorts and a white tank top.

First Outfit

Dress: here.


Piercings: Soulfire

Second Outfit

Dress: Soulfire

Hair: WAKA & Yuki

Third Outfit

Dress: Raeva's

Fourth Outfit

Dress: Elate!

Hat: Elate!

Check back soon to see the rest of the finds for today! :]