Sunday, June 29, 2008

Harbour View

There is currently a hunt going on at Harbour View, with 40 firecrackers hidden around the store, each one linden. The stuff is of such nice quality, I had to share some of the wonderful gifties. ^^ There are so many hunts and sales going on right now, I can hardly keep up!

This cute, cute, cute skirt is at the hunt. It doesn't come with any glitch pants however, but that I wore it with jeans. It looks even cuter this way.

This is another skirt of the same style but a different oriental design.

This gorgeous corset is just another one of my finds at the hunt. I haven't picked up everything because I went broke, but im sure you will do well there.

This bikini is just one of the many swim suits at the hunt.

And this is one of the more eye-catching suits they have to offer.

And these boots.. I drooled at them. And the best part: NO BLING!