Sunday, June 29, 2008

Harbour View Hunt Continues

Cailin threw me into the Harbour View hunt lol, and there are soooo many cute things! Tons of different pieces and accessories so that you can come up with your own style, I put some outfits together here for you to see some options. They're kinda punkish which i like, I'm sure the other girls put together some different styles :)1st pic:
Red summer tank (prize 12)
Karma Skirt (prize 27)
Stockings with bows (prize 2)
Leather kicks (prize 31)
Pearl necklace (prize 25)

2nd pic:
Black Cameo Top (prize 1)
Gray Skirt (prize 29)
Pearl Necklace (prize 25)

Non free stuff
Skin: S5 Tan Diva from Tuli
Hair: Penelo in Blonde black from Deviant Kitties