Sunday, June 29, 2008

*sings* Freebies, freebies, it’s the Sunday freebies! *sings*

All the outfits featured in this post are either freebies or dollarbies. The shoes in all those outfits were the one from Cailin's post. The hair and earrings are not part of the outfits.


Let’s jump right in with this first outfit from Sysy's Design. It's in a gift box on the podium at the entrance of her shop. It comes in two different colors and with a orange jacket so definitely worth checking out!

This cute swimsuit and top are freebies from Bella. You can find other freebies in the store such as a 4th of july swimsuit and tattoos. This very cute pair of angel's wings can be found as a freebie in the entrance of Angel's kiss shop.

This beautiful gown his a freebie from DG innovations, however it's for a limited amount of time so head on over there quickly! On the same table at the entrance of the shop you will find two other beautiful gown so grab them too.

This outfit can be found at Katkreation's store immediately on your right when you enter the store. She has a nice selection of freebies/dollarbies there so keep your eyes peeled!

*squeals* This is definitely my favorite outfit of the day! You can find it here, when you land you should see a shop with a giant map, head inside and the gift box is waiting for you!

Our last outfit is made from different dollarbies you can find in Peeps fashion. The designer has put a dollarbie wall in the back of her store so head on there for clicking madness. Be careful though as a 25l outfit found his way amongst them.

I'm Laleeta Xue reporting from fashion frenzy, back to the studios!


C said...

*runs to get the shorts....

I don't have nearly enough shorts for summer.