Sunday, June 29, 2008

Handful of Gifts

Once all the craziness of today was over, I took a trip down to :::ASPIRE ISLE:::
It's pretty much a mall with a bunch of your favorite designers all bunched into one bitty sim :)
I found a whole bunch of freebies and dollarbies from Sn@tch, Calla, Striking Pose, and lots of others. Here are some pics of freebies I found...

Calla also has some newbie packs and tons of free skins, although none of them struck my fancy (and this is a blog where we only blog stuff we'll actually wear :p) I decided to leave em out, and you can go see if you like em :)

Non Free Stuff:
1st pic: Hair - Nana in blonde from Jade Hair
Hair in 2nd pic: Sophie in Platinum from Maitreya
Skin in both pics from Tuli