Sunday, December 14, 2008

Indian Royalty and a half-naked man.

Zaara has some of the most detailed, exotic and beautiful designs I've seen in Second Life. When I first went to her store about a year ago (because of a gorgeous dress being given away in the lucky chair), I was blown away by how beautiful every piece of clothing was. I felt lucky indeed when I won the Freespirit dress in peacock.

Former lucky chair gift. Dress available for purchase in store, color not available.

I decided to check out the store today to nose around. There are three freebies in the foyer before you enter the mainstore. First up is a really beautiful white dress, "Shubh". Sooooo pretty! Dare I say...too pretty to be free?

Warning: you may fall in love with this store after you get the freebies!

The second freebie is a box of bindis! In five different colors, you're bound to find one to go with just about any outfit you have!

Blue bindi shown. Colors not shown: orange, red, purple, green.

The third and last freebie box contains a cute outfit called "Mala", which includes cute brown capri pants and a warm pudding-colored top with a gold Indian design.

Belt is included on the pants.

I stalked the lucky chair. I saw the dress it was giving away and I absolutely had to have it. I was so desperate to gain this dress that I TP'd my friend Tyson H. to get rid of a T that was on the chair. Did I mention that Tyson was wearing a skimpy Santa outfit?

Yes, he's single ladies! Also available for Christmas-themed bachelorette parties!

After TPing my reliable pal Khai GG. to get rid of a K on the chair, I eventually lucked out and snagged the beautiful gold and red dress when a question mark popped up. Seems like most lucky chairs hate the letter P for some reason!

This dress would be perfect for any holiday party! Exclusively a lucky chair item.

While at Zaara's, be sure to walk around and browse all of the full-priced items! There are some gorgeous, gorgeous outfits just aching for you to take them home! I couldn't resist buying at least two items at the store...this beautiful halter top and the jewelled jeans! They were just too devine to pass up and they were totally worth splurging on. Also, across from Zaara's is a store called Tesla. They have two lucky chairs right next to each other that have these glasses and some cute shoes!

Exotic, erotic and lovely.

On a whim, I decided to check out one of Zaara's satellite stores. I browsed around the mall, checking out various shops when I came across OOps Fashions and their cute freebies. There's a Christmas gift box with several nice freebies, including this silver/white glittery/sequins top and the candy cane for your mouth!

Candy canes are better for you than cigarettes.

Right next to the gift is yet ANOTHER gift! This cute little outfit has some yummy gingerbread men on your boobies!

Caution: don't eat candy while you have the fur collar on!

In this picture, I took off the fur collar so you could get a better view of my bewbies.


Fabulous Freebies:
-Freespirit Peacock dress: Zaara - $0L (previous lucky chair gift)
-Shubh (white dress): Zaara - $0L (in-store gift)
-Mala outfit: Zaara - $0L (in-store gift)
-Bindis: Zaara - $0L (in-store gift)
-Fulvari (red dress) - $0L (lucky chair gift)
-Shoes: Tesla - $0L (lucky chair gift)
-Glasses: Tesla - $0L (lucky chair gift)
-Silver sequins top - OOps Fashion - $0L (in-store gift)
-Candy cane: OOps Fashion - $0L (in-store gift)
-Gingerbread Man skirt/top: OOps Fashion - $0L (in-store gift)

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-Tye n Dye halter: Zaara
-Jewelled jeans: Zaara
-Hair: MMS


Anonymous said...

You left out my last name, my future wife will never find me!

Tyson Hawker

Pumpkin Saenz said...

You're right, I'm sorry! LOL