Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love being Trashy.

I've known about Ash's Trash for a while now. Ashleey Andrew, the owner of this cute store, is probably Britney Spears' biggest fan. If you want something Britney-related, this is the place to go. Ashleey has re-created virtually every outfit Britney has ever worn.

Of course, Ash's Trash also has non-Britney items as well. There are some really cute dollarbies waiting for you when you walk in!

(L) You Still Love Me - (R) Baby Blue - Both $1L
Free: Skins - Another - $0L (The Gnubie Store - 3rd floor)
Bracelets - Ash's Trash - $1L

Not Free:
Hair - ETD

Glasses - /artilleri/

(L) Butterfly - (R) Cute Casual - Both $1L
Free: Hair (R only) - DejaVu (group gift) - $0L
Jewelry - Ash's Trash - $1L
Skins - Another - $0L (The Gnubie Store - 3rd floor)

Not Free:
Hair (L only) - Analog Dog

Glasses - /artilleri/

(L) Red Stripes - (R) Pink - Both $1L
Free: Jewelry - Ash's Trash - $1L
Hair - DejaVu - $0L (group gift)
Skins - Another - $0L (The Gnubie Store - 3rd floor)
Not Free: Glasses - /artilleri/

Now for some of the non-free items that are freaking awesome! They're moderately priced and impeccably detailed! They would make great gifts for you or someone you know who is a big Britney fan!

Naked Suit from 'Toxic' video

(L) Elvis suit from her HBO Live in Vegas special, (R) Red leather suit from her 'Oops! I Did It Again' video

(L) 'Breathe On Me', (R) from her Esquire Magazine shoot

From her 'Piece of Me' video

(L) from her '00 VMA performance, (M) 'Slave 4 U' video shirt, (R) not a Brit outfit but cute!