Saturday, January 31, 2009

A little Deviance & Primalot

Hello everyone! I am Asthenia & I will be helping you to look good in SL on a tight budget. This morning I found a notice from Deviance in my inventory. To celebrate their new schoolgirl outfit they put one of the skirts as a dollarbie. With the skirt you also get the socks, tie (with orwithout collar) and panties. The shirt of the schoolgirl outfit is not free and costs 100L.

Schoolgirl skirt, 1L, Deviance

The lovely earrings I’m wearing are the latest subscribo-gift from Primalot. They are also pictured on the top left of the next pic. The other jewelry showed are instore freebies from Primalot.

Sequined earrings, subscribogift
Cherry earrings & mother of pearls jewelry set, in store 0L

The Queen Moth is another freebie you can find here.

Queen Moth avatar, 0L in store Primalot

And there are many, many more freebies in the store!

Freebies & bargains, Primalot


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the team you hottie!

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Welcome, cupcake!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Yay! Btw, where did you get those shoes in the schoolgirl picture? So cute!

Asthenia said...

Yay me!
And Alicia, the awesome shoes on my feet are the belles from Shiny Things :)