Friday, January 30, 2009

Mechanical hearts can be broken too

So a plurk from my friend Alicia about some awesome freebie boots totally pushed me to get up my lazy butt and do a blogpost. Apparently there is a whole story about those boots being sold full perms somewhere but that's none of my concern. I only care about three things: they are not ripped off, they are totally awesome and they are for 0l at Vixen so go grab yours!

This somewhat normal but cute dress on the left is a freebie from Yesterdays Closet. You can find it on the counter under the stairs at the entrance.

This Valentine Day hat is a new freebie at Grunge Depot, just look for it among the freebies boxes on the ground in the left corner when you enter the store. What is it with all the gifts for Valentine Day already? Not that I don't appreciate it! It's just that it's on the 14th of february isn't it? Anyway thanks Ale for letting me know!

This beautiful red dress on the right is a freebie from Lunas Boutique, it's on the second floor of the store along with previous freebies. 

Boots 0l, Vixen
On the left: dress 0l, Yesterdays Closet
On the right: dress 0l, Lunas Boutique
Hat 0l, Grunge Depot

Non free stuff:
Mecanical Heart Cheeky Soul
Shape Soul


Quaintly Tuqiri said...

No no... the boot sculpties were sold full perm for designers to use them to make their own boots to sell. They were also sold with a texture pack. So some designers bought the sculpty pack and made the boots with the textures given, without customising them at all. This resulted in a lot of the same boots popping up all over the grid, but sold at various prices (depending on what the designer wanted to charge) ;)

Anonymous said...

i couldnt find the boots for free?

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon! The boots were free for a limited time, they are now set at the price of 125L$ :)