Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yebizah sim opening gifts

Yep, me again! I found some nice freebies at the Yebizah sim opening, I'm not sure how long they will stay out so hurry :) The dress on the left is the opening gift from la dulce vida and comes with the stockings and see through bolero. The eyes I'm wearing are from the gift from NB Look and the shoes are one of the gifts at Ibizarre.
The middle picture shows off the cute coat from ibizarre, and I'm wearing it over the dancer outfit from earth & sky designs. The third outfit shows the full outfit from earth & sky.

1. Dress, sim opening gift, 1L La dulce vita * shoes, sim opening gift, 0L, Ibizarre * eyes, sim opening gift, 0L, NB Look
2. Dancer outfit, sim opening gift, 0L, Earth & sky designs * Jacket, sim opening gift, 0L, Ibizarre

The next pics show another gift from Ibizarre & the poses are the opening gift from Posh poses (yes, I am that flexible!)

Acrobat poses, sim opening gift, 0L, Posh poses * Outfit, sim opening gift, 0L, Ibizarre

Whew, now I'm pooped! I'm relaxing in the flower gift from Samarah, wearing the skin from the NB Look gift & bikini from Ibizarre.

Relaxing waterlily, sim opening gift, 0L, Samarah * Skin, sim opening gift, 0L, NB Look * Bikini, sim opening gift, 0L, Ibizarre