Saturday, January 31, 2009

A long one.

I never really used to be interested in SL shoes all that much. Perhaps it was because I never really saw any that I liked. Most of the ones I used to see had so much bling on them that they threatened to blind everyone within 50 meters. I've always been more of a hair/skin/clothes hog, but recently I've noticed that I've gotten more and more into boots and shoes. My friend Nereisse (who TPs me to lucky chairs when she needs to get rid of a P and vice versa for N's. By the way, feel free to IM me if you need a P taken off!) sent me a TP to Sentou Yousei to pick up these boots on the chair. I've been wearing them pretty much ever since. I've gotten quite a few compliments on them from friends and strangers alike. In fact, two of my friends were quite insistant that I take them to the chair so they could stalk it.

Spiked Heart4
Free shoes are the bestest!

For all of you who adore cute undies (like me), Aitui has an in-store freeb --- cute boy-style undies with hearts on them. They're great for guys and gals alike. They look very yummy on guys, in my opinion! Along with the undies, I'm wearing the group gift from ::69::. Very cute! Made me say "Ooh la la" and made me felt like taking a trip to Paris! The beret is color changeable so it's very versatile!

Spiked Heart3
Free: Undies - Aitui, Hair - ::69:: (Go get 'em!)

Freesoul's weekly gift is this Army outfit. Comes with everything you see here (except the hair & bracelets). Cute complete outfit. All you have to do to get freebies like this each week is go to Freesoul and put them in your picks. Wait a day or two and go back to the store, touch the sign that says "Free Item Here!"

Spiked Heart2
Ready to go hiking? I got my backpack on!

And finally, Prism Haute Couture released another cute in-store dollarbie called "Spiked Heart". Comes with everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) you see here. Prism releases new dollarbies every Wednesday, so check it out weekly.

Spiked Heart1
Too cute to pass up for $1L!

Recap ---

-Boots: Sentou Yousei
-Hair (2nd pic): ::69::
-Undies: Aitui
-Army outfit (3rd pic): Freesoul
-Bracelets (3rd pic): Zaara
-Entire outfit w/hair & boots (4th pic): Prism Haute Couture ($1L)

-Skin: Belleza
-Eyelashes (2nd pic): Redgrave
-Hair (3rd pic): Armidi