Sunday, January 11, 2009

Little Fish, Mingo, Edge Grafica and Cherry Girl

What a busy sunday I had! I needed to clean up my flat in RL so I asked my friends for some nice camping chairs and they didn't let me down!

The boots I am wearing in most of those pictures are full of awesomeness and you can get them after camping only 10 minutes at Edge Grafica. Just join the Utsuku City Member group at the entrance and jump on the swing to start camping!

Those blue shorts and top are the group gift from Little Fish. Just get down to the store, join the group, wear your tag and click on the board next to the counter near the stairs.

This cute black dress is the prize camping at Mingo. Jump on the panda and give him a big cuddle for 45 minutes to get it! No need to join any group. The leg-warmers are a dollarbie from Mingo as well and come in white too.

Boots camping 10 minutes, Edge Grafica
Blue shorts and top group gift in store, Little Fish
Black dress camping 45 minutes, Mingo
Leg-warmers 1l, Mingo

While looking for camping chairs my friend Asthenia told me about Cherry Girl. They have three camping chairs with lingerie sets such as the pink one I am wearing on the right, just join the group and sit down for 30 minutes. They also have a freebie corner next to the chairs where you can get this white dress.

White dress 0l, Cherry Girl
Pink lingerie camping 30 minutes, Cherry Girl

Thank god during this crazy camping session I had some music to keep me company in between cleaning up the flat! Especially this music video that always cracks me up, enjoy!

Non free stuff:


okrebecca said...

hello lovely cupcake ladies. just wanted to let you know especially in light of this post's camp content that my blog has a sidebar complete with a rather infamous list of lucky chairs, organized in an undoubtedly anal manner but useful nonetheless. check it out. i love to scour yours and others blogs to grab chairs and camp spots too for the list so keep up the great work guys! you all inspired me in part to start my own blogging, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Okrebecca! What a great blog, thanks for letting us know! Since we are on your blogroll we are gonna add you to ours :D !

I am glad that you like blogging! Good luck with that!


Bullet said...

That music video is freaking awesome haha. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome Bullet! I am glad you liked it ;) !

Merrick Thor said...


4 words ... "giant glowing moose penis" ... 'nuff said.

I remember that one - cracks me up when I see it too, Laleeta. =D

Anonymous said...

It's the best isn't it :p ?! I love that video!