Sunday, January 18, 2009

In my skin

EDIT: After publishing this last blogpost I had the displeasure of learning that one of the skins I blogged about is a rip-off from Redgrave. Not being a customer of Redgrave myself I didn't notice it however the information has been confirmed by the owner herself. I therefore apologize to our readers and of course Ms Emilia Redgrave for the stituation, this blog in no ways tolerates content theft of any kind and never will.

The skin on the left is part of a 10l skin pack you can find at the entrance of Weird Designs. In the pack you get three skins in three different tones, the one I am wearing is the tanned one.

Nariko Shinn from Lazolli was nice enough to tell me about a free skin she has in her store. Just look on the wall for Takako 008 to get this beautiful skin on the right. Thanks Nariko!

On the left: skin 10l, Weird Designs
On the right: skin 0l, Lazolli

In the next picture don't look at the clothes, skins or accessories for freebies however you should look at those cute mushrooms we are sitting on! Get them after only five minutes of camping at Something Blue. While there I met one of our readers that was stalking the lucky board, hello Queen!

Enjoy your friday everyone, I am off to beat some butt at Mario Kart Wii!