Monday, January 19, 2009


It's already 02:22 am here and I have had a pretty tiring day so you will excuse me if I rush this one a bit.

My friend Tristan tipped me about some really awesome freebies. Here are some of them, thanks Tristan!

This black dress on the left is a dollarbie at Glam Couture just look for it at the entrance of the store.

Those red shoes I am wearing are a dollarbie from Ztique, look for them as well at the entrance of the store. They also come with the heart necklace I am wearing.

This red top is from the subscribo at Church of Luxe. Just click on it and look in its history to get it. The top comes also in silver with a deeper neckline.

Those red shorts are a dollarbie from Humming. They are on the stand in front of you at the entrance amongst the other shorts.

This great belt is from the lucky chair at Bukka, my friend Meara was nice enough to teleport me to get it! Thanks Meara and congrats on finally getting it! The letter changes every 10 minutes.

Black dress 1l, Glam Couture
Shoes and necklace 1l, Ztique
Red top subscribo, Church of Luxe
Red shorts 1l, Humming
Belt lucky chair, Bukka

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul