Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alchemy and 24 Shoo-Shoes

My friend Constanza Volare plurked today about a new freebie from her store: Alchemy. It's this gorgeous dress. Reminds me of the snow I had here only a week ago... *sighs*
Anyway to get the dress just join her subscribo at the entrance of the store and you will receive it automatically.

Those boots are a dollarbie from 24 Shoo-Shoes, remember 24 is still having her advent calendar for the whole month of january!

Dress subscribo, Alchemy
Shoes 1l, 24 Shoo-Shoes

By the way I am still looking for new hairstyles, if you know of some good stores leave me a comment, message in the shoutbox or even an IM in world! Thanks in advance!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair ETD