Friday, January 2, 2009

Canimal, *Toast*, *Bebae* and -Belleza-

Belleza still has the Christmas spirit, it seems! If you’re a member of their group, you have until tomorrow (January 3rd) to request a free skin of your choice! I could kick myself now…I had to leave the group last month and now they’re not accepting new members. Temporarily, of course. I went and bought a new skin anyway since I love them so much. In fact, I'm wearing my new Belleza skin in all the pics in this post! My lucky friend Jacey keeps rubbing it in my envious face that she’ll receive her brand spankin’ new skin in a few days time. Punk.

For those who are Belleza members, all you have to do is fill out a notecard with the skin of your choice (ONE skin only --- no fat packs are included in this already generous deal). Be as descriptive as possible to help out the owners. Of course, be sure to put your avatar’s FULL name in the notecard so they can know who to send the skin to! Last, but not least, drop your completed notecard in Belle LeFavre’s mailbox at the mainstore. DO NOT drop it in Tricky Boucher’s mailbox, as they will be deleted. Patience is recommended, since they have to swim through over 5,000+ notecards, verify that everyone is a member, etc. It could take up to seven days to receive your beautiful Belleza skin, but believe me…it’s WELL worth the wait. The skins are expertly crafted and just stunning. And to get it FREE?! The generosity of the Belleza owners is mind-boggling. Anyhoo…enough of my raving. Fill out your notecards, like NOW!

*Bebae* owner Torie Senne sent her group out a sweet gift to ring in the new year! This very cute shirt/shorts combo made me smile. I couldn’t help it. The top? Cute. The shorts? A bit out of season, but also very cute. When you least suspect it, *Bebae* delivers. I was *hoping* that Miss Torie would have sent out yet another spine-tingling teaser poster for her hotly anticipated new skin that should be gracing her shelves pretty soon, but she prefers to keep us in suspense! If you’re not a member of *Bebae*, I suggest you join up! The skins are fabulous and the owner is very generous to her group.

Sleeveless version of the top

With sleeves :-D

I stopped by Canimal to see their lucky donuts. As you can see in the picture below, I wasn’t the only one to have this bright idea. Throngs and throngs of freebie lovers descended upon the Canimal sim, not that I can blame them! Pictured below are some of the goodies you can get if you’re patient, TP lots of friends (or strangers) that have names that start with Q, U, V, X, Z and H, and have a fast hand to plant your butt down first when your letter or a question mark come up.

Chaos ensues at Canimal. I see gray people.

Canimal is synonymous with punky, fun and style. It’s a much-loved brand that has been around for a good while, and will continue to do so.

The Circus Treats dress is supercute and a real treat if you get it for free!

This is the blue Castaway dress. It could be yours if you're lucky!

You meet the most interesting people when you're standing around waiting for letters to change!

Thanks to Miss Ranchan Lemon for modeling the Rebel Yell (red) dress from the lucky chair!

Thank you to the lovely Xoe Jameson who modeled this awesome Boneyard VooDoo hat!

I suggest dragging some of your friends over to stalk the donuts with you. It’s more fun that way.

Unless you have a heavy supply of friends, you may wait a while (like I did).

Join the subscribo and get a free dress! Is there anything sweeter?

I went to a new store called *Toast*. They have a lucky chair that changes letters every five minutes and boy, do they have cute stuff! JessicaAnne Bailey, the psychotic genius behind *Toast*, is talented. I see great things coming from this woman in the near future. Take a look around her store, which has a farmer’s market-type feel to it -- very open and friendly, and have a look-see. I bet you’ll find something you will love. Might I also suggest a romp on the magic mushroom? Walk on it and it’ll send you up in the air.

Only wear this around your vegan/vegetarian friends if you want to upset them. It'll be the best $1L you ever spent.

Another cute dollarbie from *Toast*

I looooooove ladybugs. This cute tank and hotpants combo was $1L.

This "Medusa" t-shirt is a cheapie but a goody. At $10L you can afford this cuteness.

This "Tokyo or Bust" t-shirt is soooo adorable. I happily thre my $10L at JessicaAnne!

This cute little number is available for purchase and in the lucky chair!

Not Free:
-Skin: -Belleza-
-Hair: ETD
-Glasses: /artilleri/
-Tattoos: /artilleri/


Anonymous said...

yah, the lag is horrible at canimal but hey it's free stuff so it's worth it.

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Oh, I totally agree. Lots of lag means traffic for these stores. Traffic is what keeps them in business! That's why I try to encourage people to look around the stores while they're picking up the freebies. We gotta help keep these awesome designers busy!

Kicksgirl said...

I have been reading this blog for a long time, but with the Toast post I now have to wonder about the integrity of the blog. Yes the saying on the first one is funny, but honestly that is nothing that any noob here for more than an hour couldn't have made in about 30 seconds. and the review makes her sound like an inivative genius to cloths design. I dont' know if she's a friend or what. But really, there are MUCH better designers who don't get have the raves this one got.

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Different people have different opinions. We'll just have to agree to disagree! Whenever a new designer comes out, they have to start somewhere. As they progress, their designs and textures mature. Not everyone begins creating clothing that looks like Aitui! :) Thanks for you input, though!